The Drone Survey School offers a short but intense training to ensure that you have all the theoretical knowledge and practical insights to make you an aerial surveyor.

Aerial Drone Survey

Drones haven proven to be an excellent platform for topographic surveys. Equipped with a camera or a LiDAR system they can cover small to medium sized areas quickly and in a safe manner. Besides aerial photography and video, aerial surveying is currently one of the best and most successful commercial applications for drones.

Investments to start surveying with a drone are relatively small. For under 10,000 euros or dollars you can be in business. But buying a good toolkit at your local hardware store will not turn you into a good and experienced carpenter and owning the latest mapping drone will likewise not make you a surveyor.

The Drone Survey School has put together a course that combines 30 years of hand on experience with aerial, hydrographic and land surveys to teach you just that fundamental knowledge required to become a real surveyor.

Drone Survey Fundamentals
The course Drone Survey Fundamentals is packed with both the theoretical knowledge and practical tips gained over decades of aerial surveying. We can share that knowledge with you and will make sure you do not make those costly beginners mistakes that will ruin your reputation.

Set your first steps to become a professional aerial drone surveyor